It has been more than a while since i last posted here,  I have been involved with other projects and Dodo has been in hibernation but he is stirring…

My other work can be found via the link

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Dodo gets a new job…almost!

Apologies to all (anyone?) who has been following the blog and got bored, I have not had the time to do any more work on Dodo or the blog recently due to the demands of my daughter (she is only two so cannot really blame her yet…will make a note and store it up for when she is older!) and changing jobs!

Once i have settled in i should be able to resume my rambling and Dodo promotion!

Below is my parting letter, even at work Dodo pervades!

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August 29th

Nose Hair Cello Day

Today Ogd ‘borrowed’ some of Dodo’s nose hairs to make a cello, once he had stopped shouting because of the pain and his eyes had stopped watering, Dodo returned the favour by ‘borrowing some of Ogds tender nether feathers to make a bottom feather flute.

Neither ‘instrument’ sounded very good (or half as loud as the sounds made when they where being made!) but its the making that counted!

Today is dedicated to St Pherp the Nervous, who is also the patron of eye watering and smells for the hard of breathing.

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August 28th

Distant Hole Day

Dodo was very disappointed with himself today as he had done absolutely nothing and had spent the whole day curled up in a ball (a dirty furry lumpen sort of ball with bits hanging off!) trying to climb inside his own bottom and get back the meal he had finished eating yesterday and now wanted a bit more.

No one looked to see if he succeeded.

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August 27th

Sticky in the dark Day

Today has been ruined by yesterdays Calender mouse, after eating the whole day far too quickly he barely made it to this morning before throwing it all up again.

On this day avoid curry and vegetable soup.

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August 26th

Ear Garden Day

The rest of today has unfortunately been eaten by a greedy calender mouse, it tasted a bit waxy and a bit crunchy!

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August 6th

Today Dodo found Ogd to ask him some fashion advice, initially Ogd was reluctant to speak to Dodo as he had been offended by Dodo calling him a friend, luckily no on else was around so Ogd let it go.

After much thinking Ogd suggested red for Dodo’s new colour, and even offered to peck him until he was red all over! Dodo said he would think about it, but thought it would be a bit to much people might think he was a bit flash. Ogd was a bit disappointed

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August 5th

Today Dodo was feeling creative but uninspired, he had become bored with being just dirty brown (with just the hint of mould and questionable highlights!) but wasn’t sure what to do with the thought so he decided to go round and bug his friends to get the answer. Having spent most of the day having that thought he realized he had run out of time and would have to look for the tomorrow, food and sleep beckoned and they had very loud voices (almost drowning out the other voices in his head!)

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August 4th

Hard Word Day

Dodo had decided to do something important today, but had got stuck on the important bit, Ogd has suggested he try a dictionary.

Dodo had tried a dictionary before but had not been that impressed, it reminded him of an old dead thing he had once eaten, a bit hard on the outside and a bit bland in the middle.Luckily for Dodo it has been a pocket dictionary and the rest of the pocket had been quite interesting!

Today is dedicated to St Niggle who is also the patron of meaningless statistics, personality questionnaires and magazine horoscopes.

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August 3rd

Wormy Poo Day

Dodo likes to check his droppings in case anything has ‘escaped’ if it has he puts it back.

Dodo never feels alone, with everything living on him and everything living in him, even if the voices in his head tell him otherwise! His imaginary friends have yet to comment, though Ogd and the others would probably agree with the voices and say he has no friends, so he doesn’t ask them.

no one has asked the worms, but i imagine even they have standards!

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